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Being such a versitile venue, it’s important for Time Bar + Venue to let their customers know what range of events are coming to Time and when. We developed an easy to manage event database which features vital information, a countdown to the event and allows Time to upload any associated flyers and documentation.

Timebar Events

Social API Integration

Social media is an invaluable tool for the entertainment industry. For Time it allows them to directly connect to their audience and let them know about events, competitions and discounts. Our ‘Social Time’ feature integrates with Twitter’s API to display tweets mentioning @TimeCookstown.

Timebar Social

Here for you, all of the time

We work closely with Time throughout the year, continuously improving the design and adding new features. For example in 2015 we developed an advent calendar which allowed them to run daily giveaways / competitions over multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their own website.

Time Advent calendar

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