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On eur bike

Gavin Laverty came to us with an idea and concept. He wanted to offer a platform for Bike Rentals to advertise their Bikes and Tours. Customers could then search for bikes in that area for whenever they where on holiday. He wanted to call it ‘Eurbike’, and we created the following the brand logo.

Eurbike Logo

Keep it simple, stupid!

In designing this website, we planned out each user step. From the user first landing on the homepage, navigating store listings, right through to the checkout. Each step was wireframed first and then designed up before coding began. This allowed us to factor in each users requirement. The end result is a seamless process and that is simple, intuitive and easy to use, regardless of whether you are a new or returning customer.

Eurbike Keeping it Simple

Location Services

Each Bike Store has its Geolocation stored. Whenever a customer lands on the homepage, they can search the bike stores in the area they are planning to visit. Searching ‘Belfast’ for example, will return stores within that location, and sort them by distance. We also took advantage of Google Autocomplete API, giving users a dropdown of locations as they search.


Order Tracking

Each supplier and customer can track their orders as they come in. They each have their own logins, so they can track each order as it is placed and approved. The website can also output email notifications for both Customers and Suppliers, keeping them up to date and putting their minds at ease.

Order Tracking

Management & Statistics

We wanted to make it simple for suppliers to add their store details and products to the website. We designed and implemented a simple, easy to use interface that not only allowed them to add/remove products – but monitor performance. That meant that each supplier could get the most out of being on the website.


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