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by Darren McSorley on February 17th, 2014

Every now and again me and Michael like to sit down and evaluate our product offerings and identify areas where we can improve. We also like to keep a keen eye on the competition as well, and see where we can gain a competitive advantage.

SMS Marketing is always something I’ve been intrigue about. But I’ve never really did the research into stats and figures. Whenever, we identified it as a possible new market - I’d like to research the topic first. Make sure its worthwhile market for us to enter and beneficial to the customer as well.

I stumbled across this blog post from Anchor Mobile - SMS Marketing Statistics 2012 (if anyone has the 2013 stats.. please let me know :p). “95% of all mobile users have been connected to by brands that are using SMS marketing to reach their customers. Regarding ad awareness, the average mobile based campaign utlizing SMS marketing significantly outpaces online ads. One third of consumers say they interact with a brand via text message on a regular basis.”

With all this is mind, I start thinking how we could integrate it with our own software. Whenever we started building Paw CMS, we always had the long term vision of having these addons that are linked together and available under one roof. We added Email Marketing last month, so it only felt natural to add SMS Marketing alongside it.

As you can see from the photo gallery below, you can see you have the power to:

  • Import from Numbers CSV
  • Group and Categorise subscribers
  • Schedule Campaigns
  • Personalise the SMS with Mail Merge tags.
  • Allow the user to text Opt Out at any stage.
  • View Reports on Previous Campaigns

While its a feature we’ll extend over time, we’ve proud of how it sits in alongside everything else we have to offer. If you interested on the advantages of SMS Marketing, drop us a line - we’d be happy to chat to you about over a big pot of tea :)

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