Introducing Alex

by Alex Hudson on August 29th, 2014

We all have a beginning, a starting line, a point where we begin to grow. We begin to build our Empire, our ideal based on the tools that life gives us. We might not all begin at the same post or be handed the same tools, but every single one of us embarks on our own unique story.

So, let me take you on my journey, my story and we are heading straight for Reflex Studios.

My name is Alexandra Hudson, I am twenty four years old and I share my life with my ginger Kitten Quinn. (Irrelevant? Probably) I have always been a visual person, I grew up around art and in many ways it was the only life I knew. It was what I believed everyone did. The outcome of course seemed inevitable and it was. Creativity was the fabric of my soul.

Fast forward a few years to University where I graduated from Winchester School of Art after 3 years with a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Arts. By the end of my first year I was working mainly photographically. I learnt the practice and I began to fall in love with it.

Not just photography but imagery as a whole is a Universal language. Every single person around the continent, young to old understands an image. This is one of the reasons I love using it. By communicating via imagery we evoke so many of our senses, so many ideas and so many different stories.

For me it is all about making statement imagery, imagery with a message. I love to make ‘things’ that are not usually seen as beautiful, the most magnificent sight you have ever seen. Therefore, a lot of my inspiration comes from controversial artists/photographers such as Cindy ShermanDiane Arbusand Joel-Peter Witkin.

However, I still admire a lot of the greats such as Irving Penn, Horst. P. HorstRichard Avedon and Tim Walker.

Putting that aside and to repeat what I mentioned earlier regarding imagery and its immersive ability to carry a dialogue to anyone who perceives it, and my own intertwined journey to Reflex Studios is quite guileless.

For several years now, we have recognised that we live in an era where in reality the lines of the digital and the analogue world are ever increasingly blurred and increasingly valued.

We have an infinite sea of imagery across the web; technology has seamed itself into our lives, our homes and our businesses.

People relate extremely well to visuals and this helps convey how a really nice photograph on a website will help promote interest and more importantly sales.

It is for this purpose that I chose to embark on a journey with Reflex Studios. We no longer live in the present; we live in the future, technology is the realms of our being, and the wider picture. Hopefully, I will be able to share my passions with its clientèle and help educate the beauty of photography, and how to reap the benefits from it.

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