Email marketing comes to PAW

by Darren McSorley on February 3rd, 2014

A few years ago I found myself increasingly buying items from those Amazonrecommends emails - it started a fascination I soon had with the power of Email Marketing and how easily I get sucked in. I started learning more on the topic and purchasing books from Campaign Monitor. Learning the history, the pros and cons of the popular marketing technique.

I absolutely adore the leaders in this industry. Tools like Campaign Monitor and MailChimp - they’re always adding new features and coming up with new creative ways for sending campaigns.

However, I have found in the past that it can be a frustrating experience whenever using 3rd party software separate from your website - especially trying to train clients. Learning the ins and outs of a CMS can be daunting enough, without a completely separate mailing client.

Whenever we decided to build Paw last year, email marketing was something we had in the back of our heads. We wanted to integrate it directly from within the CMS, so clients wouldn’t have to export / import / copy and paste between the different software packages. By keeping everything accessible from the one system, we wanted to make it easier for clients to start sending campaigns.

So after spending the last few weeks knee deep in lines of techy API code and JavaScript. We’ve managed to integrate MailChimp with Paw - giving us full email marketing services.

You’ll no longer need to import/export emailing lists - we collect them directly from your website ( but you can import through CSV if you need to :p). Our editor allows you to automatically switch between templates and populate them with your Products, Events, Vacancies and Blog Posts from your website. We’ve also have included advanced reporting, allowing you to trace opens and click throughs onto your website. Essential for sending out follow up campaigns.

Best of all… we can offer you 12,000 free monthly emails with Paw :)

If you’d like to learn more about Email Marketing or would like this add on for your website, give us a call and we’d be glad to chat to you all about it.

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