Abandon Ship!

by Darren McSorley on January 15th, 2014

I became obsessed with checkout conversation rates this past month. I found myself researching alot of ecommerce software and thinking of ways increase sales. One feature that kept popping up was Abandoned Cart.

I suppose we’ve all been there. You add something to basket, enter your shipping details and just as you’re about to hit complete order - the phone rings - theres a knock at the door or your battery dies and off you go looking for the charger. It could be none of these, it could just be a really complicated checkout process

So is that sale lost?

The scary thing is, on average 67.89% of shopping carts get abandon. If a customer has already entered their shipping details, then chances are they really want to buy that product. A reminder email the next morning could be all it takes to get the customer to complete the order.

Introducing our newest feature… Abandoned Carts. We automatically capture all checkouts, regardless of what stage they abandon the cart at. The main 2 advantages are this are:

1) Fix the Leak - If all your customers are failing the checkout at the same process, then perhaps you have to rethink how you present the checkout. It maybe too complicated or poorly laid out ( not that we’d ever be guilty of that.. :s). A few design tweaks could be all it takes to improve checkout completion rate

2) Send a Reminder - Or it could've been an offline distraction for the customer that failed to complete the order. Send them a reminder email the next morning with a link that allows them to pick up where they left off from. You could even sweeten the deal with a voucher code for money off. Click here for some tips on how to present your reminder emails

This should hopefully see an improvement in your conversation rate. Its a great feature we decided to give it away free as part of the ecommerce package. Get to touch with us today if you’d like to get started selling online.

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