Darren McSorley

Partner & Lead Developer


Hey you guys, I’m Darren. I'm a full stack developer and the technical one of the Reflex triforce.

Growing up a simple wee country boy in Co. Tyrone, I had a rather wasteful youth of playing too much Championship Manager (or Football Manager as the young'uns would call it). I even managed at one stage to hack the game into a European Super League. Upon leaving school, I headed off for the big city to study Interactive Multimedia Design. The years soon went by and after graduating in the summer of 2008, I found myself as a city boy working for different web agencies around the leafy suburbs of Belfast. After a couple of years, I felt I was ready for the next big leap. I became partner in Reflex Studios in early 2013.

I spend my days knee deep in Atom tinkering with code. I like to say computer code, but Clark likes to point out that there is no other type of code. I suppose I have to concede that one. I like to work with PHP, JavaScript, Python, Objective C, Swift, Java, MySQL and whatever new framework Team Treehouse are doing a course on.

In my spare time I like to build mobile apps, hack at Raspberry Pi’s and spend too much money on lenses that I don’t really need for my DSLR. Past hobbies include counting the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds since Arsenal last won a trophy.

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